Sunday, 7 August 2016

Feb 2016 Little Athletics, bike riding and driving on Bribie Island

Gavin was just finishing up with Little Athletics in Feb.  The Javlin is a pretty tricky sport to master!

Ben and I also went out on a lovely date night to Southbank.

Bribie Island drive on the beach with Grandma and Grandpa.  Just a bit windy!

 Is that not the craziest way to carry a tinny or what!
 We also went out with friends for a 4x4 and tried to get stuck to practice getting out!

First day of school Jan 2016

As you can see January was a very busy month.  The boys started school Jan 27th and I went back to work.  Its Lachlan's last year at his school and Gavin's last year at his.

Jan 2016 Birthdays and last of school holidays.

We have three birthdays in January, Grandma, Grandpa and Ben.  There are lots of candles and baking to do!

First is Grandma's birthday

Next is Grandpa's

Then Ben's

Gavin had a friend come with us to Southbank, sushi and a treat from the Beach Hut.

We also saw a show at QPAC, Georges Marvelous Medicine.  We took the bus in, went to the Queensland Museum then the show and had a bite of lunch after.

My Christmas present from Ben, a weekend away before school started in Jan

Ben gave me an unexpected present for Xmas 2015.  He sent me away for a holiday and arranged everything!  No one gave away the surprise.  It was a little tricky though because we came back exactly the day before school started!

We ended up in Kingscliffe NSW

My room, heaven.

The view from our balcony.

The beach out the front.

We took a walk along the beach after we settled in and it was so relaxing.  New South Wales in summer is one hour ahead of Queensland so this walk was at 8pm NSW time.

On our walk we came across the weirdest looking sea creature washed up on the shore.  I've never seen anything like it!

Just to show you how big it was!

The sunset was beautiful.  This was at 8:30pm

We had lots of laying and reading in the room and more walking on the beach.  It was a good thing it was cloudy the next day because I made a small error in judgement.  I'd read that coconut oil was a good sunscreen and... was altogether too confident that it would work and burnt myself rather badly.  During the rest of our getaway I had to wear rather flowing clothing that touched my body as little as possible!

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Fraser Island - Lake Boomanjin, Lake Birrabeen, Lake McKenzie our last dash with the 4x4

Hi everyone,  It got a little late to continue last night so I thought I'd just keep going now.

Lake Wabby was so much fun that morning it was hard to leave but there is so much more to enjoy on Fraser Island.  Its not about the ocean due to dingo's, croc's, jelly fish etc but more about the fresh water lakes there.

Next we went to Lake Boomanjin.

Its a much shorter walk and easier to get to the water than Lake Wabby.

The water is the color of cold tea.  I've never seen anything like it!  It wasn't very deep so it was warm fresh water.  Its fed by two creeks and as the vegetation decays tannins are leached out tinting the water.  Amazing.

Not that great for swimming with it being shallow so after a bit of splashing around we went on to Lake Birrabeen.

A short walk to the lake

Beautiful white sandy beach

After some time there we moved on to Lake McKenzie.  We were slowly making our way back to the Kingfisher Resort.

We also spent some time at the resort pool hanging out all day.  Just relaxing, swimming and reading my book

All holidays come to an end and so it was time to leave and catch the ferry back.  We hung around the jetty waiting for our ferry.  This is also were we sat and had our wine the on our date night when the kids were doing their night ranger walk.

Looking back from the ferry at Kingfisher Resort.
Ocean side accommodation

 Goodbye Fraser Island, so much fun we are looking forward to coming back again sometime.  So much more to explore!