Monday, 27 May 2013

21/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week * almost there*

Lochy:  Purple hair, yes thats my boy.  Doesn't he look groovey! First time he's colored his hair, supporting another event at school.  Maybe next time he'll go green for his sports team at school.

Gavin:  Not really the right date but I didn't have one for this week.  Still I love another sports day photo.  He did really well my little athlete, running, shot put, relay he did them all and was exhausted by the end of it.

Monday, 20 May 2013

20/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week * still catching up *

Lochy:  Out shopping for shoes and the insentive was a hot chocolate at the cafe in the shopping centre.  He does love going to the cafes!
Gav and Lochy:  A brief pause in the middle of a game of tackle on the back deck.  boys will be boys

Monday, 13 May 2013

19/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week * catching up *

Lochy:  Stopping in the middle of his hot chocolate heaven when we are out for dinner for me to take a photo.
Gav:  After a successful sports day, showing off all his ribbons.

Sunday, 5 May 2013

18/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week

The boys are as close as brothers can be.  I just love how they are so cute sharing this drink together.  Makes me just want to give them a big squishy hug!

Thursday, 2 May 2013

A bushy weekend with a fete at the end.

What spectacular weather we are having lately.  Perfect for camping and anything really that is outside.  We took advantage of the mild weather and the Anzac holiday and ran away to the Bunya mountains.  The grass was lush and the evenings cool together with a full moon meant a comfortable couple of nights away.
 Everywhere I looked were these amazing Grass Trees. I've never seen so many SO BIG scattered all over! It reminds me of something out of a Dr Seuss book!

Many games were played including "climbing on Daddy", Uno and a new favourite Battleship.
Lochy is the newest card shark of the family.  He cant get enough of Uno, even gathering up a couple of girl friends from the camp site to play with him.


The sunsets were amazing!  So pink.

We were able to squeeze in a farm visit tagging along with some friends to visit friends of theirs.  They found a little piece of paradise as you can see complete with animals, shiny red tractor and a motorbike.  Riding bikes here was more exciting than on boring old bike paths in the city.

Everything was an opportunity to climb... and tumble down of course!


The boys loved the animals and the motorbike ride wasn't too bad either. Thanks!

The Bunya trees in this picture is what the mountain is named for. Aren't they amazing trees.

Then after all that on the Bunya mountains we came back to this amazing fete. The boys loved the rides (the stand up spinning one was a favourite) and the farm animals too. The boys saved up their money made by making their beds and tiding their rooms to buy cotton candy and a show bag.

It was an amazing weekend!

17/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week

Lochy:  Fearless motor bike passenger after a ride on a farm motor bike.

Gavin:  A love for all animals smaller than him this dog hit the mark.  Gav couldn't get enough of playing with this little doggie.  I'd love to find him a little cuddly playful animal friend to have at our house.