Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Busy boys

My boys are always busy too.

Here is a sample of what they have been up to.

Lochy dressing up for a Medieval birthday party.

Gavin cooking up his favourite chocolate chip cookies, all on his own.

Little Athletics and a weekend away, its been a busy February!

Well its been busy here in sometimes sunny Brisbane.  Luckily before the rains hit we had some great weather. 

Gavin had his first competition with Little Athletics at the Regional Championships. He did discus, 60metre hurdles, high jump and shot put and 100m run.

Gavin in the red and black hat sitting between my friend and her eldest son.

Gav and his best friend (my friends youngest son)
Gavin doing the high jump
Fuelling up!

Gav in the finals for the 60m hurdles

The 100m run.
Unfortunately the discus and shot put were too far away for me to get a photo.  It was a great day and we were lucky enough to have a very close friend to show us the ropes.  Her eldest son is a bit of a champion and so lovely too.  He took Gavin to his first few events because parents aren't allowed on the field unless they are helping.

I've also had my first 3 weeks of full time working as a teacher aide. I've loved it.  I almost have to pinch myself I feel so lucky.  I first started to study to be a teacher aide when my youngest was half way through Prep (like Kindy).  I found it hard at first but soon got used to it.  I finished Oct last year and during the time I studied I also did relief work at my son's school.  I had always hoped I could work there full time thinking that I would build up to it and if I was lucky it would work out that way.  I worked hard and did my best but I never thought it would happen for me so soon. It is rather perfect and everything I worked and hoped for.  Just fits in so amazingly well with my family and I love it!

I am also lucky in that I have some amazing friends that have been so supportive along the way.  We didn't see each other as much as we used to as I had to commit all my time to finish the study and keep on top of things at home.  Well we made up for it and had a fantastic weekend away.  It was so relaxing with the breakfasts and dinners out, beautiful beach, shopping and we even did some pampering and did our nails.  My lovely friends, you are amazing.

Here are some photos from our time away... Ben and the kids survived just fine without me ;)

My first chocolate coconut water smoothie.  Tasted pretty good and the view of the water wasn't bad either ;)
 We enjoyed eggs benedict with a twist and my first taste of coconut water.  Apparently more hydrating than water...

Then on our way to do some shopping we cam across the light house that is the oldest building in Caloundra, and it was open!  So we had to take a look.
looking from the newer light house to the old one (red top) built in 1896.

Admiring the view from the "newer" light house
Photo from 1920

We were so excited to see you can even climb up into it!  And only for $2.

The first stairs up were very steep...

But the ladder to the very top was even steeper!
From the ledge of the light house.

After buying some gorgeous dresses and shopping until we couldn't shop anymore, we headed to the beach.

 We did an hour walk and luckily got back before it got dark.
A beautiful twilight walk on the beach.  Our walk was the BEST exercise :)

Came across a wedding, stunning.

 The next morning went for an early morning swim before we check out and had another walk around beautiful Caloundra.
another beach

my painted toenails

our walk along the beach

Aww the serenity...

Then last weekend we had the torrential rain and on Sunday Ben wanted to take a drive to see what we could see.  We drove from Brisbane to Somerset Dam.

A beautiful drive after being cooped up inside with the rain.

I will blog as much as I can.  Until next time.... xo

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Ben's birthday spread out over a week! Busy days.

Yes it was Ben's birthday at the end of January.  Always thought the start of school is a busy time.  Ben had to take some birthday celebrations when he could get them!  So it spread out over a week!

We had dinner at the night markets where we ALL get exactly what we want and its yummy and cheap!

Taco's this time.

Kalamari king


Ben enjoying his Thai street food.

My coconut ice cream with fresh mango and coconut jellies.

Lochy's "big lip" because he wanted some coconut ice cream too"
The food was great.  We tried some coconut ice cream with Coconut jellies.  The jellies were little cubes of clear jellie like coconut but tasted like pineapple.  Odd but yummy!

That weekend we still had Cricket and Little Athletics to go to with the kids but we also saw a live show.  Horrible Histories!  Not the show you were imagining I am sure.  Its the first live show (apart from Playschool" the boys had gone to.  Ben and I really enjoyed it too.  To make life easier we caught a bus in, Southbank is terrible for parking.

The boys love taking the bus and its just around the corner from our house.

Ben a bit sick of my photo taking so I had to take a selfie with him!

a bit bright!
We had lunch at Guzman Y Gomez yummy Mexican in Southbank.

Lunch at a yummy Mexican place in Southbank.
 We got so stuffed at Guzman's we had a very light veggie dinner and had Grandma and Grandpa over for Ben's Birthday Pavlova.  Lots of fresh fruit from the Markets too.  I still go every Saturday morning.  Have fresh veg, fruit and sometimes picking up some pretty flowers.

A rare family photo

A sensational birthday celebration!  Look at that Pav!
 Lochy had his best friend over in the first week of school too.  Look at those blondies, you'd never know which ones were my two would you?  They get on together so well.  This time they are joining on Minecraft in Lochy's room.

Joining together on the same world.  They have a great time together.  Can you tell which ones are mine and who is the friend?
Some unusual looking clouds outside.  Love the bumpy look.
I also picked up some flowers for myself at the markets.  I don't usually buy myself flowers but I thought I'd reward myself.  At the end of the week last week the principal called me in to have a chat about me doing some teacher aide work at the school.  She told me she asked the teachers who would they recommend to work with kids with a disability and they had great things to say about me.  So YAY  she asked me to work at the school and offered me full time!  I am now on a full time contract for this year at the school and I couldn't be happier.  I've been at the school a week now and I am so happy.  This is exactly what I was hoping for and I couldn't have even imagined it happening for me so soon!
Yay me!

Ben's so happy I am working again he has even agreed to getting a pet kitten!