Saturday, 5 April 2014

Start of the April Autumn school holidays

We've had a busy start to the school break.  First we had a make up soccer lesson after school.
Lochy got his medal for participating and collected Gav's for him.  Gav didn't have such a great ending to the soccer lessons but he was a trooper for coming to every one.  Lochy loved them and Gav enjoyed it for the most part.

After soccer we had a cool off swim with some friends at the pool and headed home.

I hit the markets again this morning.  This time I thought I'd be adventurous and try some fruit I've never had before.  I didn't know how to eat it or when to know it was ripe so I never bothered.  So after chatting with some market goers and lovely stall owners I bought these very interesting fruits.

Yes the massive mango on the bottom we've had before but the purple dragon fruit and orange persimmon was new.  I've had the green custard apple before too but the boys haven't I thought they must be open to trying that one.  Very sweet.

So far we've tried the dragon fruit.

And while I thought it was yummy, Lochy had another opinion.  Its not terrible he said.

Not a strong flavour  but Gav wasn't willing to have a go.  Ben had never had a taste of Dragon fruit before either.  Apparently the White Dragon fruit is more bland and not as good so we'll give that a miss.

Gav's school organised tickets for the students and families who wanted them to go to the LEGO movie.  The boys were thrilled.  We even got to meet up with Gav's best friend before the movie and got a long row of seats together.  A great time was had by all.

A balloon double barrel shot gun! Hands up

Lochy's got Gav with his balloon sword.  Gav is such a ham.
Lochy has been keen to cook since they had Master Chef at his joey's club.  So here he is cooking his very own pizza for dinner tonight.
And Master Chef at Joeys this week
A proud cook!

Daddy helping out Joey's

Our invitation to sit for dinner followed by lemonade scones.

Very yummy and Lochy is keen to make it again!

Goodbye to Noosa continued to New Years Day 2014

Yes as I said before this was our last time at Grandma and Grandpa's Noosa unit so we were enjoying every last bit of it.

News Years Day 2014

First thing in the morning swim.  Ben wasn't game but we were.  It was a bit cool!

Then we decided to venture out and go to Rainbow Beach.  Its known for its rainbow colored sand dunes and close to the ferries to Fraser Island from Inskip point.

Love Gav's dive in, legs everywhere!

After we had enough time there we went back at the unit and came across some kind of eggs floating in the water. See for yourself.

In the afternoon I borrowed Gav's scooter to get the paper and I had some company.  Lochy came with me to the corner store just across the canal from our unit.

We decided to go out for dinner and had fish and chips on the Noosa River.
It was a brilliant send off and we enjoyed our Noosa getaway for the last time.

On the drive home we stopped into the Ginger Factory in Yandina.  Had a train ride through the park and had ginger ice cream and a ginger float.

A bit sharp for Lochy's taste.
Thanks for Grandma and Grandpa for making the unit available to us for so many wonderful holidays and memories.  

Friday, 4 April 2014

Goodbye to Noosa

I started to post about our holiday week there in my first post of 2014 in Feb but what I didn't say was this was our last summer at the Noosa unit.  It was a bit sad to say goodbye.  We've had such relaxing holidays here, but its being sold as its getting a bit much for Grandma and Grandpa to maintain.  So thanks to them we've had some wonderful happy holidays there in the magic unit on the water.
Holidays are wonderful times away when we do what we love.  I love to sew.  You may think it strange to bring a sewing machine away.  When I am at home there always seems to be something else more urgent for me to do so sewing for pleasure just doesn't get a look in.  Even more so now that I started studying to go back to work.
I sewed two bags over our holiday while I was looking at the water in the midday sun.  One for me and one for a friends birthday.  It must have been fate as I only just gave it to her last weekend.  I sewed a French themed bag with the Eiffel tower on it and she has very fond memories of her time in Paris.  What a coincidence!

The boys loved the stairs as we don't have any in our house they are a bit novel to have inside.  And of course they loved playing in the bedroom they've shared since we started coming to Noosa.

Lochy and Little Bunny
The bedroom the boys shared

Gavin with Big Bunny


The resort pool was also a favourite place for the boys to play.

And so it would alternate beach, pool and back to the beach again!
And while they were playing I finished the bag I made for myself. YAY!
Then there was feeding the ducks.
And having dinner out on the deck...
 We especially loved having a coffee and reading the paper in the morning looking at the water.
New Years Eve
The boys loved to jump straight in first thing in the morning!

We played some Uno when it got to hot and sunny outside.

Big time concentration shuffling the cards.

Notice the mango's on the bench in the background?  We got that whole green bag full of them from the markets.  Lasted us the full week!  I even got to make Mango sorbet with them.  YUMMY!

Game face.
Dinner for New Years Eve was my yummy Spaghetti Bolognese with my very first home made Pavlova for desert.  I've never made it before and it was luckily a huge success!

One of the boys took this photo!
Gav licking his lips over the yummy Pav
Then soon after the New Years Eve celebrations began!  Many glow sticks!

That's it for 2013!  I hope you all had an amazing New Years too.  Next post I'll do the remainder of our goodbye to our Noosa holiday.