Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Last of the school holidays and now its back to work

The last few days of school holidays the weather was a bit temperamental!  The day after the wet bike ride we had so much rain we had a pool in the backyard.  Usually when we get the flooding it only lasts a couple of hours and then drains away.  Not this time!  All day, much to the boys delight.  In fact it was even bigger than in the photos below extending under the trampoline as well.  No injuries apart from a few ant bites.
Get out the boogie boards, the rain is coming down hard!
Water slide and pool, the boys had an absolute blast.

 While the boys were occupying themselves in the back yard I took the chance to bake some bread and bottle the Kambucha.  We usually get eight bottles out of one batch and it barely lasts the week.  A very popular drink in our house and so good for you.

Sometimes room in the fridge is an issue!
My reliable bread recipe, always turns out.  Trying some sunflower seeds this time.
They would have stayed outside all day but I new if they didn't eat lunch there would be trouble so I had to call them up at 1pm for food.  They decided to dig into some games I brought down. This is an op shop buy, a strategy magnet game.  Plus you can build cool stuff with it too :)

We did have sunnier days after.  They boys made up a new game called Trampoline Soccer.  So far there haven't been any major injuries so I leave them to it.  Love the imagination.  Sometimes it includes the hose and sometimes it doesn't.

Gavin got a National Geographic book for Christmas from Uncle Andrew and Auntie Nic and has been wanting to try an experiment.  Its how to make a cloud. 
Daddy making a cloud

It went well but Lochy just didn't see it!  It involved a bottle, a little bit of warm water, and a match and presto a cloud in a bottle.  Gav loves science.
 We also had Australia Day on Monday and had beautiful weather for that too.  It was a busy day especially the day before school but well worth it.  We had the morning on the beach with lunch and the afternoon at Wet n Wild.  Not to many people at Wet n Wild, it seems the beach was the preferred place to be on Australia Day.  We got several rides in including the "Black Hole", "Mammoth Falls" but there was no way I was going on "SurfRider".  A 30 meter drop while spinning on a giant surf board.  Luckily Lochy was with me in having no desire to go on that one!
So school has started and they are settling in to their new classes.  So far Lochy is LOVING it as he tells me and super excited to go, yay!  Gavin is making new friends that started this year and very happy as well.  I dropped into the school office at Lochy's school and told them I am available for relief teacher aide work.  Its all happening now.
In the next couple of months there is a good chance I'll be going away on a girlie weekend away, right girls?  Plus seeing a doctor from America with Gav that's going to work with our doctor to see if there is any more issues that need to be addressed.  Hopefully it might progress us further on Gavin's treatments.  You can only try, otherwise we'll just keep doing what we are doing.  Eating healthy home made food and taking our supplements and probiotics.  Its good for us all :)

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Today, a bike ride to remember

Only three days left of school holidays so I asked the boys, what do you want to do?  A bike ride was the request so today being the coolest of the 30+ (including one day it went up to 38!) I thought it was a reasonable day to head out.

Luckily today was the day of the biggest of the king tides!  I couldn't have planned it better if I tried.  And I totally didn't!  How lucky.  Like I said to some passing council workers as the kids were screaming and giggling past them "Its like a water park bike ride!".

First there was the approach.

I am not even going to bother to try to keep them dry

And another...

I went around...

I think we went through at least 5 of the flooded cycleways from the creek.  I thought we'd better pop into a cafĂ© for morning tea before the boys got any wetter!

As we continued we found even more water!  The canal (don't know if they are actually called that btw) was like a rapid creek!  The boys found it very exciting.  Even though our way was blocked with the underpass we just went around.  We did see a few people who turned back and one guy went through with a passing comment to me "I think I went through that faster than I should have" as he was dripping wet past me.
Ah, that is unexpected!

Believe it or not that is the tunnel we usually cycle in.  Not today!

I told Gav he could have a go if he wanted.  Rather deeper than he thought!

Now the sign at the last underpass explains it!

Looking back at 2014 in May - Fete's and Mothers Day :)

This was another busy month.  The weather was cool, I was using my dehydrator to make lots of goodies and the boys were busy as usual. 

Playing UNO

And making up games.  Gav is pretending he has long blond hair here.
Lots of planning also went into the Fete.  It was a bit of a cold day but sunny and beautiful.  The Fete theme was Tropicana.  Grandma and Grandpa came to watch Lochy in the choir.
The boys had time to check out the rides before Lochy sang in the Jr Choir

Lochy was a sweetie in the choir and loves to sing (but not at home!)
After the show we walked around the grounds to see what we could do.  Grandma and Grandpa stayed for a snack then went home. 

Grandma and Grandpa enjoyed themselves

A special treat of cotton candy!

Grandpa's treat for the boys

That cotton candy looked bigger than Lochy

A more healthy option was fresh coconut water!

Ben and I had to try it too!

Lochy walking the parade with the mask he made and with his classmates

Then it was time for rides!  HOLD ON Lochy!

Gav had a go it the bumper bubbles. 
 The rest of the Fete was spent with the baby animals.  The boys love baby animals.

Gav loves them all including the fluffy chickens

Lochy tried his hand a cuddling a chicken as well

And he did well, even collecting himself two!

There were guinea pigs as well to cuddle but they were a bit scratchy.

Gav with the guinea pig
The baby ducks were SO CUTE!
The Fete was a wonderful event and the boys saved up some money so they could enjoy what was on offer.  A great way to teach saving skills!

Gav showing off his blueberry lips
The next thing was of course Mothers Day and I am not ashamed to say I do love the attention.  I deserve it after all, doing the very best I can to love, support and be there for my family and I love it.

Gav's present from school.  He'd painted the pot and planted the flower.  The red ball he made with red string and glue.  Very clever.  Lochy had a lovely present as well but wasn't captured with a camera.
 We also had my cousin visit.  She is living in NSW and it was wonderful to see her and meet her fiancĂ©.  They are married now so it was doubly special to meet him before the wedding! 
Cricket wasn't their sport but they had a great time playing it with us all the same.  We also kicked the ball around playing soccer as well.  They were awesome with the kids.  I hope we see them again soon.
Some cricket action with some great fielding!

Some lovely photos to capture the visit.

A book in bed with mum. 

A mothers day celebration including Grandma.

Of course cricket was played.

A bit of tennis thanks Grandma

Everyone gets a turn and Lochy is crazy for cricket

Grandpa was pretty good too

The swings were a bit of a hazard so the pitch was moved.

Santa has come early ?!