Sunday, 21 April 2013

Last week of school holidays then back into the swing of school again!

Well you saw our Park a Day to Play in our first week of school holidays.  The second week was a little more wet but we still got out and about but had our time indoors as well.

First Ben took the boys camping for a boys camping weekend away with a friend and his son.  They had a great time and as usual bike riding and the camp fire were the biggest hit. 

During the school holiday week we played cards...

and did a couple of science experiments too.
There was the Electric bubble-maker where the battery breaks up the water making tiny bubble of gas of oxygen and hydrogen.

As well as the Fire extinguisher, two experiments in one.  First its done without water and just the jar showing how once the oxygen is used up the flame goes out.  Then with the coloured water and the jar is propped up on three coins.  I'll bet you think the water is sucked into the jar because oxygen is used up.  We did but its not, its caused by the air in the jar cooling and contracting when the flame goes out.  Even us adults can learn a new thing or two.  We also did another experiment called Seeing sound, to see that one you'll have to look at 16/52 portrait.

And there was time for playing favourite iPad and computer games.  Good for bonding between ALL the boys!
We also got out and about with friends, saw a movie and found a new park all the more special because it had some amazing mud puddles.  We ticked all the "must do's" for school holiday fun.

But school holidays are over now and we've had our first week back at school.  The boys are hard at work but it does come with rewards!

Getting a Student of the week award during assembly!
Lachlan hard at work in class.

I was a very proud mummy at school assembly when my little Lochy was called up to get a student of the week award for being helpful and a good friend.  Of course I took many photos and a movie clip was made of receiving the award.  Not kidding by the way.
And gorgeous Gav also had a great week in anticipation of Pebble Party Friday when they got to dress up in their favourite movie / TV character for the day complete with party food.  Pebble parties are rewards for doing their homework.  Every time they do it they put a pebble in the class jar, when its full the class had a party!
Can you guess what character from which cartoon Gav is?

Friday was a great day and Saturday was not too shabby either.  It was amazing weather and still so warm we pick up Ben who had a conference on the sunshine coast and had the day on the beach.  The water was so much warmer than I was expecting.  A beautiful day!  Then tonight we all went out for dinner at Sizzlers (kids favourite due to make your own dessert bar!) as a reward for their rewards.

16/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week

Gav:  Very enthusiastic about our science experiment Seeing Sound.  The technique is to hum loudly high and low and see the salt move on the balloon that has been put tightly over the top of a glass.

Loch:  Determined to go to the playground FIRST...then go to the beach after.  So after a quick peek at the beach and where Dad and Gav were going, then back to the playground until he was ready to go to the beach.  Just a little stubborn.  Look at that face!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

15/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week * better late than never!

The Second week of school holidays last week.
Loch: Washing dishes to help mummy. Also to help his piggy bank with 50cents!

Gav:  Enjoying his school holidays! 

Saturday, 6 April 2013

School holidays - a park a day to play!

Yes we've been park hopping these school holidays.  With the weather saying rain all week I was trying to get the boys out and about before showers hit.  Luckily we timed it well and never got caught out.

We started with a playdate at Colmslie Beach Reserve on Tue.
Playing what sounded like Bongo drums.  He was pretty good too, other younger kids were trying to imitate him.

Gavin drawing the crowds.  Well at least Lachlan and friend.
After a play and much to the boys dismay we had to go grocery shopping.  Poor things having to go shopping but we all survived and now have more food in the fridge!

Then on Wednesday it was a train ride to The Roma St Parklands.  We didn't stay long but it was lovely all the same.  We packed a lot in our little adventure.

The boys tested out their scooter skills.

 We had lunch with some company...

big and...

small.  We thought maybe it was the bigger ones baby.
After a bit more exploring...

 it was time for an ice cream break!

Then the big black clouds scared us away so we decided to take the train back home again.
Again more company while we waited.
But that wasn't the end of our park way.  Thursday we went to the "Rocket" Park.  I don't actually know the name but there is a pretty cool rocket climbing thing in it.  I didn't get any photos of that but did get some of the kids in the outdoor gym that's in the park as well.

Again, heaps of fun with an added bonus of being able to make a run into Bunnings Hardware store for some supplies to fix up a corner shelf.  Plus to the boys excitement, lunch at HJ's (Hungry Jacks).
Then there was Friday, yes another park this time called the Rocks Riverside Park with Gavin's school friends.  It was a bit of a party atmosphere with mini cupcakes and popcorn at lunch.  We stayed here all day!  So long after the school friends went home the boys just kept going.  It was a beautiful day so I was happy to stay.

This park has so much going on this isn't even all of it.  A great place to come.
This weekend the boys have gone on a all boys camping weekend.  Poor me having to stay home all on my own.  I just had to console myself with a wonderful bike ride and dinner and a movie out with a friend!  ;-)

14/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week

Pit stop for a lunch break while exploring the park

All smiles even though he has a sore knee.
Gavin:  Loving riding his scooter in the park.  So many paths at the Roma St Parklands!
Lachlan:  Taking a break after a minor fall on his scooter.  Only a little bit of blood, brave boy.

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

13/52 The 52 Project - a portrait once a week for a year

Gavin concentrating on climbing

Lochy doing tricks with his scooter

My handsome hubby.

Easter Saturday with a bit of rock climbing and a movie!

Easter Saturday started out with a family visit, after dropping into a nursery and picking out a special Easter Orchid for Auntie, Uncle and Grandma and Grandpa.  A bit of chocolate, some awesome marshmallow Easter bunnies made by clever Auntie, a visit and we were home again. 


 The boys were also excited to have their first try at rock climbing at Kangaroo Point.  We had a lovely invitation from friend and all of us thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  They boys were amazing showing no fear and after a beginner climb we went to the bigger climb number 17 I am told.
Gavin on the beginner climb

Loch reaching the top of the beginner climb
I was pretty comfortable with them going to the big climb after practising first.  While they were taking turns they road their scooters and I took photos and movies like mad!  I could post so many but here are my favourites of the big climb.
Gavin was enjoying the challenge and was very confident

He nearly made it to the top!

Lochy's turn and not at all nervous. 

He is obviously enjoying himself.

Lochy nearly made it to the top too!
 After the kids had a few climbs the adults had a shot.  Ben made it past Gavin's highest point past the overhang but I didn't quite make it that far! 

Gavin helping belay Ben as he was climbing, just to make sure his dad was ok.

Ben taking a breather as he climbed further up the cliff.

Even borrowed rock climbing shoes didn't help me but I still had a great time!

Gavin had to have one last go!
And so of course did Lochy!  Gavin was trying to give him a helping hand.
 Our friend was amazing, patiently helping us novices before having a climb himself.  He of course climbed up in what I felt was seconds!  We climbed until we ran out of time then we threw everything in the car and got to our next activity just in time.  A free movie in the park was on, Ice Age 4.  We loved it, a comfortable if a tiny bit chilly evening.  What a treat to see a movie outside on a picnic rug and fold out chairs dining on sausages sold by a stall in the park.  I'd heard they even ran out they sold so many!  The boys nominated this day "the best day ever".  It really was a great day.