Monday, 25 November 2013

A busy week in our family with some crazy weather just to make it interesting.

Yes its been a busy time in our house.  I am still cooking up a storm and strangely enough making food from scratch is mostly "normal" now.  I don't think I ever went into the "why" I am doing away with typical grocery shopping in favour of whole food cooking. 

Gav has been Gluten free since he was four, Lochy in the last couple of months and I've been Gluten free for about a month, Ben since I've stopped cooking Gluten food!  Since discovering the amazing difference taking Gluten out of Gav's diet I've been interested in the effects of diet on his behaviour and health.  Lochy came home with a sore tummy one day from school and my GP told me the only way I can improve my psoriasis is by taking out Gluten so that ment now our whole family was going Gluten free and Ben didn't mind.  Our Biomedical Dr we had for Gav really wasn't moving us forward so I was searching for someone else to help us explore what supplements and diet could do to improve my family's health.  A friend suggested Dr Heather Way and The Gaps diet for natural digestive healing.  I read the book, Gut and Psychology Syndrome and I was very interested and

So now here we are, lots of cooking from scratch, soaking seeds, making my own condiments and hopefully soon yoghurt and fermented vegies.  Dr Heather Way is also helping us with supplements after we joined the study she is running and we had some tests done.  The kids are loving it and we are feeling better and better all the time.

So we've been busy this last week, not long until school holiday's.  The boys brought out some games we haven't seen for awhile.

I got a day of casual Teacher aide work in a Prep class as well.  I do love it and I am hoping to get more days next year.  I still have study to complete but will be finished by Nov 2014.

Gav went to a classmates pool birthday party and it was something like that gameshow "Wipeout".  Gav full on threw himself into it!

Then Sunday we went on a bike ride to Southbank which ended up with a swim and play in the water park.  Pretty good motivation for a bike ride don't you think?  It was lovely to have a cool off swim too.



Lovely sunny day right?  Yes it was but in the afternoon we had such a storm there was a severe storm warning issued.  We got hail and I haven't seen that ever at our house since we've lived here!  It didn't last long but the wind blew the rain sideways.  We were downstairs in the garage at the time.  The bi-fold doors were open upstairs so it even blew the hail right into our living room!  It wasn't much but sure was extreme.  Gav and Lochy weren't frightened and even thought it was pretty cool they could pick up the hail and eat it!

Then tonight was a Talent show at Joey's/Cubs so we all came to watch the show!  The boys were awesome, enjoying themselves heaps.  I am loving watching them trying all these new things.  So gorgeous watching them growing in confidence.

45/52 The 52 Project, A portrait a week once a week every week

Gav:  At a birthday party in the pool.  This climber in the pool was great fun for all the party guests.  Gav had no fear running and jumping through, over, and round the obstacles.

Lochy:  Enjoying a bit of strawberry Kambucha.  They love the stuff so much its hard to keep it up!  I've just bought an enormous glass jar with spout so hopefully we wont run short of Kambucha again.  Lochy was a bit wary of it at first but the strawberry is just so yummy he's all for it now.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Wedding Anniversary and Halloween excitement

Thirteen years ago when Ben and I got married the date was supposed to be in Sept but darn that coup in Fiji where we planned on booking our wedding put a halt to that.  So we moved the date to Oct 31st in the Cook Islands.  Now at that time Halloween really wasn't very big here in Australia but I thought, just in case, we'd better make it Nov 1st.  So that's our anniversary date, the day after Halloween!  I am grateful we decided to move the date "just in case"!  Halloween has really picked up in popularity here. 

So for our anniversary Uncle Andrew and Auntie Nic babysat and Ben and I went out to a movie "Gravity".  It was awesome to get a night out on our own, doesn't happen often.  Thanks guys!  Ben brought home a "bird of paradise" pennant from Papa New Guinea where he worked for a couple days.  I was very touched and I gave him the book "Are you smart enough to work at Google?"

Starting out very excited and full of energy.
We had our very first neighbourhood Halloween this year.  In years past the boys didn't really want to get dressed up and not too keen to go trick or treating.  But this year Lochy's friend invited us to their neighbourhood Halloween celebrations.

The local haunted house everyone goes to!  The boys loved it.  They certainly put a lot of imagination into it.
By the end of the night everyone was shattered.  But that didn't stop a compete inventory of what treats the boys got in their buckets.

44/52 The 52 Project, A portrait a week once a week every week (except last week) - Lochy the Narrator

Lochy - Narrator in the school play at assembly.  Isn't he so handsome. He was so confidant but it did get a bit hot in the room!  How carefully he combed his hair only to have it look like this...

Didn't get one of Gav this time but I will make sure I do for the next one.

Sunday, 3 November 2013

42/52 The 52 project, a portrait once a week every week - a spontanious playground stop

Lochy: proudly showing me his clever tricks on the equipment. 
Gav:  Revelling in the total control of water and sand play.

A spontaneous stop in the park on the way home from school was well received by the boys.  It was supposed to storm so the park was completely empty much to their excitement!  Its usually a very popular and busy park but after school on this day there was no waiting turns and sharing equipment.  It was like we were the only people in Brisbane out and about.  Of course after we'd been there awhile people did venture out when they realized the storm wasn't going to happen.  But by then they'd had their fill of the luxury of complete control and were happy then to share.

Of course even they had it completely to themselves they simply HAD to argue over who gets what rope to swing on...

But in the end they are best friends so co-operation on a mutual project was also to be had.

Next I will post our very first experience with a suburban Halloween in Brisbane but that will have to wait until a bit later this week.  I am supposed to be doing homework right now so I am a bit naughty!