Thursday, 16 April 2015

Ice Skating in Australia

Well we've finally done it.  The boys and I met some friends and had a go at ice skating.  It was 30degrees outside but pretty chilly inside the rink!  Good thing we were well bundled up.

The boys were excited but I was sure after many spills and chills we'd last about an hour.  Boy was I wrong, we were there from noon until it closed at 3pm!

Camping at SpringVale, a working cattle farm

Hi everyone,

Yes our school holiday highlight would have to be camping at SpringVale (as well as ice skating but that will have to wait for another post!)

We couldn't get a spot at our favourite camp spot (with hot showers and a flush toilet), but Ben found us a unique spot at SpringVale a working cattle farm.  At least they had the flush toilets but he wasn't game to tell me no showers until I got there.

Still it was worth washing my hair in a bucket to stay in this beautiful spot.  I am going to go a bit picture crazy now so enjoy the show!

At first we were the only people to camp at this little piece of quiet heaven.

The set up...

After helping unpack they took off to explore.

Our neighbours.

Gavin collecting wood for the fire.

Time to take a break.

Our outlook, not too bad.

Kids helping by breaking up the wood with the "hammers" they found.

More neighbours.

And the toilet is only a bike ride away!
The boys LOVED it here.  It had all you can ask for and for the boys it was non stop riding their bikes looking for new and different tracks to try out.


Curious horses.

 The boys were very responsible when making the fire.  Very grown up.

Ben making our dinner.

Breakfast bike ride!  I am looking at you...

looking at me...

And they're off!

Spring Creek on the property.  A great place to throw rocks.

Just relax.

A drive around the property.

Back at the house.
The boys got a chance to get close to the horses.
 But they preferred the gorgeous little puppies.

 After the feeding one of many games of cricket.

And in the afternoon a drive up Bull Paddock hill to take in the view.

The view.

Our drive

Where we came from...

Where we are going to (the farm in the distance)
The farm

But first a stop off at Joshua Creek also on the property.

And time to read a book..

On our last night we even got a cooked BBQ for us with one other group of campers that arrived that day.  Priceless.

Sunday, 5 April 2015

But what has been happening since February you ask?

Sorry you haven't heard from me since February.  Its been a big change in our house with me working 5 days a week being a teacher aide.  I love it of course but it doesn't leave as much time as there used to.
You've seen what we've done in Feb and what's happened this weekend but there have been more things than just that!
Oh yes, there was a charity cricket day with Lochy's cricket club.  Lochy is in the pink shorts as its wear pink to support breast cancer awareness.  
Lochy is bowling to the batsman.

Lochy in his pink shorts.  So cute.
Gav had his awards/family day for Little Athletics in March.
Gav in the laser tag

Lochy had a go as well

Gav LOVED the laser tag

That was one bouncy slide.  I had a go too, once...

So proud of Gav and all his achievement's in LA.

Lochy was desperate to drive but they wouldn't let him go by himself.

Ben going down the slide with Lochy
Lochy had a friend over for a playdate and Gav was the best big brother ever pushing them in the swing and spraying them with the hose.  What a sweetie.

Lochy also had his end of cricket season awards day with a BBQ after.  It was one hot day! We are so very proud of Lochy and how well he is doing in cricket.  Lochy has decided he wants to play for Australia one day so he is committed to practising every day.  Right now as I type Lochy and Ben are in the cricket nets practising.  Ben also set up a ball on a rope in the garage so Lochy can practise hitting.  Watch this space!

Looking forward to going up and getting his award.

Very proud of his cricket award.
There has also been an amazing amount of rain come down.  We were visiting grandma and grandpa when we got caught in one downpour.  I had my camera with me so took a few pictures on our way home.  Incredible.
water pouring off the car it was raining so hard.  The rain was at the bumper of that white car in the far right of the photo.

The park outside of Lochy's old Kindy.

The park was so flooded we later heard on the news the SES was called to rescue someone in trouble there.

At an intersection near our house.
And amongst the all that we had a lovely sunny and dry day for Harmony day at Lochy's school.  Lochy sang in the Little Hearts Jr Choir, so lovely.

And Gavin had his school soccer match.  It was supposed to be against another school but they had to cancel at the last minute do to a fire ant problem.  Gav was bitterly disappointed about that but he did get to be school captain in the game at his school.  His team lost so he was not a happy boy that day.  I was still proud though and happy I got to see him play.  Next year at senior school there will be no soccer match.

Not a happy boy that his team lost the match.

Well now you've been caught up at what we've been up to for the most part.  It is a lot more difficult to blog with the cooking, working, cleaning and schoolwork with the boys.   From now on the posts will be during the school holidays when I have some time off.
That's if for now.  The next post will be after we get back from camping.  Its just the start of the school holidays here so you should hear from me again before back to school begins. 
Take care and eat well :)