Monday, 20 July 2015

June was perfect for camping, a certain 11 year old birthday and last days at Sea World

I started this post for June and ran out of time. 

We started off June with a camping trip on the long weekend in June.  A bit worried about how busy it would be Ben took some time off on Friday to pack up.  He then picked up Gavin from school, then Lochy and I with the camper trailer already to go.  We drove the 2 hours to Charlie Moreland camp ground with no delays (lucky us).  We heard later that traffic got pretty bad leaving the city.

We got there in time to set up in the daylight.  The first night was very cool, enough to see your breath it was that cold.  Luckily we had a lovely fire and were snug in our trailer to sleep.

Sparklers and spag bog for our first night

Our first morning was pretty foggy.  It was pretty cold first thing but sunny.  It looked beautiful through the trees so I tried to capture it.  Ben forgot the bikes and I didn't notice when we left so he did a quick run back home to collect them before our friends arrived to join us.  What a dedicated daddy!

It was a pretty cool first morning!  That's the fog with the sun shining through.


It warmed up a bit and the fog cleared pretty quickly

The boys looking after the fire while daddy is gone.

Battle ship challenge

Trail walk with the Bartons.

Lochy found a heart leaf.

Gorgeous scenary, Lochy happy to pose for me.

A tricky water crossing.  I got my sneakers wet!

An amazing view point

A family photo but missing one, where could he be....

There he is all the way down at the bottom already!

Very fun to climb around.

And didn't fall in once!

Ben's fire tower walk.

We went for a little drive and Ben and Rob found a Fire Tower walk they wanted to do.  Lochy and Gav refused to walk that far but Robs daughter was happy to go.  What amazing views!

After the walk Rob suggested a swim in the water hole.  I was not keen (neither was Ben) but the boys were up for it.  First it was fully clothed then they stripped off and even ducked their head!

Kicking a footie

After the freezing swim they had to warm up so what better way but to kick the footie around.

We love camping, especially with our friends.  We look forward to our next camping adventure!

Gavin's 11th birthday party and the Trampoline Centre Skyzone also with Laser Tag!
What a hoot!  He had a great time with all his friends.

The instructions with the hostess

Gav the man of the hour!

Spider Gavin

There are even trampoline walls!


Lochy with friends

Even basket ball with the extra bounce!

Some of our birthday friends with Gavin and Loch.

The foam pit was a bit tricky to get out of!

Pizza party food for hungry party animals.

Gavin's birthday cake request was a soccer cake.  I made a gluten and dairy free cake with butter icing made from Ghee.  Mmmm Gav said he sort of liked the ghee icing but he didn't think his friends would.  No one knew  of course the ingrediants and to my surprise no one said a word apart from one friend saying he loved the icing!!  I could certainly taste the ghee and I promised Gav I would try a different way next time.

That was the weekend before Gavin's birthday.  He actual birthday he had yet another cake for our family celebration.  Caramel vanilla mud cake YUM, still gluten and dairy free :)

 Gavin is trying not to cut the cake and hit the plate or he'll have to kiss a girl!  I kissed him anyways "ah, mum..."  Getting too grown up.

Gavin with all his ribbons from Middle School sports day.  First time I had to miss his sports day due to working but luckily Grandma and Grandpa were able to be there. Gavin got four 1st place and one 2nd place. He got 2nd in the 200m run due to a false start. He ran first but it was given to the 2nd place runner and they said he was a good sport about it. He got his four firsts in 100m, 400m, long jump and shot put. He even ran for Senior schools relay but he said they got last place. We are so proud. Best sports day ever!

Four first and a second!  Amazing effort Gav!

I was able to go to Lochy's Travel Expo for his year.  I was just down the hall so it wasn't far to go!  Grandma and Grandpa came too.  Lochy did his project on Canada of course.

Lochy picked Canada for his travel expo, clever boy.

 There was also a Japanese Immersion day at school along with Under 8's day.  Lots of activities on the day, skipping, coloring and an obstical course.

Lochy is very good at skipping rope!

Japanese drums

 Japanese immersion was mainly for senior primary with cooking lessons etc but the Jr primary got to enjoy the drums and sumo fighting!

Teachers in the sumo suits!

We also had our last days at Movie World on the weekend with Ben before our passes expired.

Batman's car in the parade.

Inside the Scooby Doo rollercoaster ride.

A bit of driving fun!

Shortly after this photo my battery died in the car so I was stuck.

The wet roller coaster ride Wild West I think it is.  Lochy refuses to go on this!

Then our first day of school holidays we used the last remaining 2 days at SeaWorld.

The first day was raining but even though it was still busy it would have been more crowded.  We did all the indoor activities and a couple of rides too.

The Creatures of the Deep exibit.

Did you push the button Lochy?

That's a pretty big Blue Whale you've got there.

Watch out, theres a Kraken behind you!

Gavin on the Viking ride.

 And the next day it was gorgeous and sunny.  There was such a long line up for pass holders it went into the parking lot to get in!  Still it was worth it to enjoy our last day.  Perfect for the Sky Climb.  We got in just as it opened and were the first ones up.

Getting geared up for the Sky Climb.  I've wanted to do this for a long time!

Gavin has NO fear at all.

No problems looking down do you Gav.

Lochy is A-OK!  What a brave boy.

A great birds eye view of the Battle Boats the boys got soaked on.

The Sky Fortress in Castaway Bay.

Lochy touching a starfish in the Shark Bay Tropical Reef.

The boys looking at the amazing fish through the glass windows in Shark Bay.

That was our June adventures this month.  I cant believe my big boy is now 11 years old.  Time is sure going fast and we are trying to savour every minute of it! 
Thanks for looking.  I'll post for July very soon.

Cheers :)