Monday, 28 October 2013

41/52 The 52 project, a portrait once a week every week


Ben:  Hanging with Lochy taking an iPad break.


Lochy:  Playing a game of Carcassonne with me.  We nearly finished it.

Gav:  Having an iPad break in his little hidey home under his bed.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Beach and backyard fun

This weekend was a bit of fun for everyone!

I went to a fermenting workshop and learned how to make Kombucha, Water Kefir, a number of fermented foods such as sauerkraut and carrots.  I even learned how to make a coconut yogurt!  I actually had some Kambucha I had been making at home but I learned not to mess with Mother Scoby to treat her with respect and to experiment the different teas with the baby scoby's instead.  Luckily we were sent home with a new scoby because I had already messed around a bit by making a 1/2 green tea and 1/2 black tea Kambucha and that's a "no no".

We tried different flavours at the workshop so I went home to bottle my green tea/black tea Kambucha and in the spirit of learning new things added Blueberry to a couple, strawberries to another, ginger to a couple and lemon and kaffir lime (a friends idea) one and left a couple plain.  The boys tried the blueberry but it wasn't popular but the strawberry was a HUGE hit.  Ginger was a winner with my mother in law and husband but we haven't tried the lemon and kaffir lime.  Cant wait.  Think I'll give blueberry a miss next time and make heaps more ginger and strawberry.  Gavin LOVED the strawberry so much he practically begged to have more.  A good sign wouldn't you say?

Ben's Grolsch bottles being put to good use.
Poor Ben was suffering a little with sore knees due to a corporate rugby game played Friday night.  I am just happy he came home relatively in one piece.  Now what do you think he does for the rest of the weekend, relax, home maintenance?  Nooo, he does the Brisbane to Gold Coast 100km bike ride on Sunday.  He had a great time though and survived that as well.  The boys and I drove to the Gold Coast to pick him up near SeaWorld and stayed for the afternoon to have a play on the beach.

The water was a bit cool but once you got used to it, very fun.

The boys have no fear, look at that wave!

Love Ben's smile

A bit of a late lunch and warm up
 We had a bit of an extended weekend (although Ben had to go back to work), with a pupil free day on the Monday.  The lawn was a bit dry so it became entertainment and practical at the same time to bring out the sprinkler.  Then of course a bit of tackle when daddy came home.

Yes that is a pile up of three!

Back to school on Tuesday and then today was Gav's School Camp excursion.  I got a bit choked up as I was driving him in but he was thrilled to bits as were all the kids.  How could they not be thrilled when they were up for a few days which include a mud course, Star bush walk with torch, team activities, Outback Art, Kayaking, a movie night and heaps of games!

40/52 The 52 project, a portrait once a week every week - marble runs in motion

Lochy and Gavin working together (ok its mostly Gav) to build a very cool marble run.  Gav is explaining to me how so many marbles were put through it moved the ramp!

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Soccer game

Lochy at soccer practise
First there was soccer practise.

So excited to play he skips out into the field.
Then there was the game.

Taking a break during the game.
Lochy enjoying his time as Goalie.
So very proud.  Lochy played tonight his very first soccer game.  He was very excited and confessed to me he loved soccer even more than cricket!  Will have to break the news to Ben...
I reckon all the running may put him off later.  He may just stick to being the goalie.

Can I call myself a soccer mum now?

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

A Magic Faraway Tree Party

Its a bit late but I wanted to share with you Lochy's birthday party.  It was a bit of a challenge as it was on a long weekend.  I wasn't to sure who would be able to make it but we had a good turn out despite communication problems with texts on my phone, a bit hit and miss!  I was very relaxed at first but the last few hours before the party became very hectic!  The theme was Birthday Land at the top of the Faraway Tree from the book series in the Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyten.  Lochy's favourite book.

I am rather proud of Lochy's Faraway Tree birthday cake.  I was sure the chocolate tree trunk would be coveted but it turns out the lollies and icing were more appealing.  I found the very large marshmallows perfect for the clouds above the tree as in the story.

We had some games like "cat and mouse" and "duck duck goose".  Lochy was very excited to be the cat!  In the background you can see the paper flowers (thank you Pinterest) I made at least 50 of decorated around the backyard.  We had a "bubble juice garden" with long skinny bubble sticks "planted" in the dirt garden for the kids to "pick" and run around making bubbles with.  I also had some extra large play money my boys stuffed in bushes and trees.   The idea was to make it a fantasy land every little person would want to visit for their birthday (Birthday Land).

Duck Duck Goose

I think Ben perfected the making of water balloons because he made the biggest yellow bucket of water balloons for a birthday party to date!  The kids were so bedazzled by water balloons despite trying to explain by example (ok we started it) the game of water balloon toss rapidly deteriorated to water balloon war which lasted the rest of the party!  Yes I did get hit and not just by the kids!  I tried to give as good as I got but I am not the best aim.

This year I just didn't have the time to make a pinyata so had to buy the card board one.  I think it worked out heaps better value as mine always broke WAY to quickly.  Paper mache is just too flimsy as kids get older.  This card board one was just about right.  Everyone got more that one go and giving it a good bashing although I wasn't 100% sure there was enough lollies in it the kids seems pretty happy with what they got. 

Birthday boy in his top hat proud as punch!

Not long after cake everyone took their party pack of paper planter, packet of seeds, lolly, Sunflower seedling with fertiliser courtesy of a friends green thumb and went home.

Staying over that night for a first ever sleep over was Gav's best friend from school.  Lochy was excited too and they all 3 played together on the ipad/iphone. 

The next day I realised I'd completely forgotten about the blow up birthday cake ring toss game!  Ah well, it was a crazy but fun day.  There's always next year!

Sunday, 13 October 2013

39/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week - weekend fun

This weekend was a fun one with a Smurf 2 movie, catching up with friends from school and family friends we haven't seen for awhile.
Lochy finding a comfortable spot after the big climb up the tree.  Good effort Loch. It was a popular spot for many of the boys.  They looked like decorations on a tree there were so many of them hanging around in there at times!

Gavin enjoying being the catcher in a game of cricket. I love the big smile on his face.  Good throw Gav!


Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Last days of school holiday fun

After coming back from camping we wanted to catch up with friends, relax/play at home and try out Lochy's birthday scooter!

We tried out the new water balloon pump but found out the centre spray on the garden hose actually worked better!


What a way to keep cool on a hot day!  We also met up with friends for a bike ride.

Playing in the park while we wait for friends

Lochy doing tricks on his new scooter.  Look at that jump!

Gavin thought it was pretty cool so did the same one :-)

Love that scooter!

Cuddle Pie and Snuggle Pot

Well you've seen our Wellington Point outing in the portraits but here are a few more gorgeous photos from the day out. 

We even walked all the way to King Island.  Lochy was not keen (it is 2km I think, return) but he didn't want to miss out being with his friends so even he walked the whole way apart from a brief piggie back ride given by mummy.  Gav wasn't worried in the least very excited to be hanging out with his friends.

 Gav was pretty excited about finding a jelly fish too.  Yes its alive and yes he also set it free.  There were some not so alive ones on the beach though.  Not something you'd want to step on!

 All good things come to and end and so do school holidays.   Its been an amazing break.


Baking with the help from a Thermomix

I am rather proud of my baking efforts so thought I'd share them with you.  They boys LOVE the new recipe for Gluten Free bread.  Even my darling husband who doesn't even have to eat Gluten Free.  He's given in seeing as how I now eat Gluten Free (on the suggestion of my GP for my psoriasis) and so do the boys after discover Lochy has been getting a stomach ache after eating brown bread sandwiches at school.

So now I am using my new favourite machine the Thermomix to make many new yummy things for our family.  I've made peanut butter, egg mayo, tomato sauce and many evening meals and desserts.  The kids now talk about healthy eating and love our fresh homemade food not missing the bought stuff in the least!  Yay!

38/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week - beach outing

Now I seem to be a little behind in my portrait numbers but I am not sure where I've missed one so I'll merrily keep on posting slightly behind everyone else.

School holidays and the last days savoured before going back to school.  Wellington Point is an excellent spot to have the boys get down and dirty thanks to a friends invitation to play at the point.

Gav:  The tide is out, its muddy and there's all sorts of things to discover.  Happily Gav is showing me the Hermit crabs hiding in their shell he found crawling around.

Lochy:  More interested in drawing with his shovel Lochy was enjoying playing in the puddles left behind as the tide went out.