Sunday, 25 August 2013

32/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week.

Loch:  Dressed up as a Pigeon from his favourite book Do Not let the Pigeon Stay Up Late! by Mo Willems.  He was dressed up for book week celebrations at school.  I am rather proud of his outfit.  It took some hard thinking to work out how to make him look like a pigeon!  His pigeon character is the one that yells "I'M NOT TIRED" despite the dark circles under his eyes.  Reminds me of Loch!!  He is such a cutie in his outfit too. 
Gav:  Loves swinging on the hammock on the back deck.  There were some more sensational faces he was making but unfortunately they were to blurry to post.  He is a tough one to catch still enough for a photo to work out at times!  Crossing his eyes is a favourite at the moment!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

31/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week. This weekend!

It was perfect park weather today.  Cooler in the shade and nice and warm, almost hot in the sun.

Lochy:  Don't blame me for the lack of color co-ordination.  Young Mister Loch picked it all out himself.  I love this age when label's don't matter and mum's home made shorts are preferred!  He was so patient stopping for me to take, just one more photo (I took heaps) on our way back to the car.  Big brother raced off but to his credit he was in a lot of photos willingly too.  I just loved the green space with the city in the background. 

Gav:  Doesn't this tree just beg to be climbed?  Gav was very brave, going as high as he did.  Near the time we left a little girl had a fall from the tree and I'd heard others say she broke her arm.  The price paid for adventure.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

30/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week. And here we are! Up to date at last! This weekend was very good fun!

A beautiful bike riding afternoon!  I don't know about you but winter/spring here in Brisbane is the perfect temperature for bike riding.

We were lucky enough to have amazing weather this weekend and an afternoon bike ride in Wynnum was fantastic.  So many photos to choose from but here was my pick.  I promise a long blog soon to catch you up on all that's been happening.  For now, this will have to do!

Gav:  loving looking DOWN at me from a great height on one of our park stops on our bike ride.  Lochy too busy to look.

Lochy:  Trying to get a photo of him while I am riding is not an easy thing to do.  The boys were very competitive on WHO was first in line.  Gav being older always seem to get the lead!  BROTHERS!

29/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week. August

Well hello everyone.  I know I am still playing a bit of catch up but THIS is the weekend it will happen.

These lovely photos were from a birthday party last weekend.  So happily I am at least in the right month now!

Lochy:  playing the bongo's!  It was such a beautiful winter's day!  It was perfect for a park party with scooters, friends and plenty of food.

Gav:  Really enjoyed those party ribbons!  I should have got a shot of him blowing them out to unravel them.  I've never seen them before and he knew just what to do. 


Sunday, 4 August 2013

28/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week. Nearly there with this end of July portrait!

I'd better make this the last one for this afternoon or I won't get any lunch before picking up the kids from school!  I promise I was good and still did some study between putting on the casserole, ringing my brother, auntie and cousin....  Really I did!  I got some questions completed and don't have much to do before I can have it proof read and sent off to get marked!  I must be getting better at this study business.

So this is what your here for though isn't it.  My portrait for the end of July!

Lochy:  Isn't my little Lochy just the cutest carrot you've ever seen!  Yup, it was fund raising for a garden (I think) for school to dress as your favourite veggie or fruit.  Lochy couldn't pick so I said "you like carrots don't you" and ran off to the shopping centre hoping to find some orange clothes.  I think I did pretty well, although he nearly was a pineapple when I saw some bright yellow track pants!  I couldn't work out how to make some spiky bits on top of his head and was worried they might cause some damage.  Despite his less than enthusiastic expression on his face the orange is now his new favourite jacket so its all good.

Gav:  It was a bit of a fruit/veggie theme this week as we borrowed a juicer from Grandma and Grandpa.  Gav loved making the juice but was a bit less enthusiastic about drinking it.  To be fair he did try the fresh apple juice and even mixed apple and orange but that's where he drew the line.  Now he's gone off drinking the juice but is very happy to make some for everyone else!  I was hoping to sneak in some green veg into their diet with juice but darn their sensitive taste buds I don't think it will work.  Back to sneaking in pureed veg in the Bolognese sauce!


27/52 The 52 Project, a portrait once a week mid July! catching up

Yes this was ment to be posted July 14th but life the world and everything took over.
I just got off Skype with my cousin in Canada and she has re-energised me to continue! Thank you!!   The casserole is on and I am ready to go...

Lochy:  Wearing his elf costume to a friends fairy and elf birthday party.  He is the most adorable elf and his friend had the perfect backyard for a riddle treasure hunt.  Heaps of fun was had by all!

Gav:  Standing proud with Daddy wearing his full Scouts uniform for the first time.  Secret scout business involving handshakes and everything!  I really need to read the handbook to understand what they are talking about!