Saturday, 6 August 2016

Fraser Island Jan 2016

That's right after roughing it camping at Eurimbula National Park I wanted a nice relaxing holiday before going back to work when school goes back.

Of course the Landrover decided to have some problems "reduced performance" message came up on our camping holiday and we were even worried we wouldn't make it home!  We made it, slowly but at least we got there.  However there wasn't much time before we were leaving again to go on our first family holiday to Fraser Island.  We had the car checked out but there was nothing much that could be done until we came back from our trip.  That ment while we were able to drive to the island we had to hire another 4x4 to drive on the sand roads!  Unbelievable.  Still, at least we didn't have to hire a car to drive to Fraser.

Waiting for the ferry near Hervey Bay to go to Kingfisher Bay on Fraser Island.

Kingfisher Bay ferry on its way to Fraser Island.

Our ferry ride, beautiful views.

The jetty on Fraser Island.  We are nearly there!

We got to our cabin and the boys claimed their bunks.

We hired our 4x4 and first stopped at a look out.

Then our next stop was at Eli creek.  A very popular fresh water creek for swimming in.

The boardwalk to float down the creek.

I floated down with the boys but Ben wasn't keen so he took the photos.

Then we drove along the beach to Champagne Pools at the northern end of the 75 mile long eastern surf beach.  These are naturally formed volcanic rock pools.

Looking back on the stretch of beach we had just driven on to get here.
The walk along the boardwalk to get to the pools.

 Close up look at the boys.

From the top of the boardwalk.  Its a bit of a walk down!

Then we drove back to the resort stopping at the Maheno Wreck along the way.  You can see the ship in the distance from here (and all the tour buses!)

The Maheno Wreck 7 Jan 2016

Wreck of the Maheno 1934
Wreck of the Maheno 1934

 This is our 4x4 rental.  A bit sad we couldn't drive our own car on the beach.

Our one and only Dingo sighting on Fraser Island.

Then we drove to Lake Wabby.

Lake Wabby from the look out. 
Lake Wabby is a fresh water lake on Fraser Island.  One day the sand dune will completely swallow the lake until there is nothing left.  We parked the car and walked to the lake.

Its a bit of a trek!

 The sand dune looks amazing.

They boys had an absolute hoot and would fly down the sand dune and land in the water.

 It looked like so much fun both Ben and I had to have a go!

But it was late in the afternoon so we couldn't stay very long.  And we don't bounce as well as the boys do!

The next day we spent at the resort pool.  That evening we went out for dinner and drinks while the boys did a resort night walk.

The next day we went back to Lake Wabby again.  Too much fun!

There is more of course but I'll post more about it tomorrow.   Goodnight! 

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