Saturday, 6 August 2016

Fraser Island - Lake Boomanjin, Lake Birrabeen, Lake McKenzie our last dash with the 4x4

Hi everyone,  It got a little late to continue last night so I thought I'd just keep going now.

Lake Wabby was so much fun that morning it was hard to leave but there is so much more to enjoy on Fraser Island.  Its not about the ocean due to dingo's, croc's, jelly fish etc but more about the fresh water lakes there.

Next we went to Lake Boomanjin.

Its a much shorter walk and easier to get to the water than Lake Wabby.

The water is the color of cold tea.  I've never seen anything like it!  It wasn't very deep so it was warm fresh water.  Its fed by two creeks and as the vegetation decays tannins are leached out tinting the water.  Amazing.

Not that great for swimming with it being shallow so after a bit of splashing around we went on to Lake Birrabeen.

A short walk to the lake

Beautiful white sandy beach

After some time there we moved on to Lake McKenzie.  We were slowly making our way back to the Kingfisher Resort.

We also spent some time at the resort pool hanging out all day.  Just relaxing, swimming and reading my book

All holidays come to an end and so it was time to leave and catch the ferry back.  We hung around the jetty waiting for our ferry.  This is also were we sat and had our wine the on our date night when the kids were doing their night ranger walk.

Looking back from the ferry at Kingfisher Resort.
Ocean side accommodation

 Goodbye Fraser Island, so much fun we are looking forward to coming back again sometime.  So much more to explore!

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