Sunday, 24 February 2013


A portrait once a week every week in 2013

Lochy:  Getting the cards to play Durak
Gavin:  Relaxing on the couch
Ben and boys:  Time for relaxing on the weekend.  Chilling out watching TV.

With school now well and truly started the boys are pretty wiped out.  The weekends are now especially important to rest and recharge.

A frangipani gift from Gavin
An unexpected surprise from Gavin late yesterday afternoon as I was making dinner.  He called out to me from the backyard but I said I was in the middle of making dinner.   So he comes up from the backyard all the way to the kitchen and with a big smile hands me a frangipani because he knows they are my favourite flower.  Its smells nice he said.  Absolutely gorgeous...  Xx


  1. So cute about the flower Dina, they all look very relaxed, mel x

    1. Yes, Ben loves it when they want to relax instead of tackle for a change.