Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The sewing surprise

Moshi Moshi - hello (on the phone) in Japanese courtesy of my son
Pikmin by Wii - web site gamefob.com
If you remember way back to mid Feb I mentioned the purple surprise.  Well I not only finished him (it?) but made him a friend as well.  

Meet Purple and Blue Pikmin
They were waiting for their owners bright and early this morning for breakfast.  The owners of above Pikmin were understandably thrilled.  The Pikmin were treated to their very first adventure by way of a car trip to school.  Blue Pikmin had to wait until after school to play but Purple Pikmin was able to keep his young owner company while spending the day home due to a tummy bug.

Pikmin love a cuddle
Lachlan is still battling the tummy bug but he is in surprisingly good spirits.  Maybe having mum all to himself is a bit of a treat.  We did have a great time playing Monopoly Jr, Shopping, and Hamsters (Zhu Zhu pets)...

Lochy home from school yesterday.  He does love being the "banker".  Perhaps an accountant in the making.

Gavin home from school yesterday.


  1. Youre a bit clever these are cute and look well loved. Lucky boys. Thanks for the comment on the choc chip cookies and the lamb shep pie they are both delicious and on high rotation around here. I would love the GF sugar cutout cookies recipe please. Have found it hard to make a dough that can be rolled out and not crumble/fall apart and my kids would love to decorate them with icing and sprinkles etc rather than just the usual roll in a ball or drop onto a tray type. Thankyou. Always on the hunt for a good GF recipe. Are you on Pinterest? Loads and loads there. So many pinned but not all tried (yet...working my way through them).

    1. Thanks! Last year it was all about the Angry Birds and I made a ton of those as well. I've already had the order put in of the Yellow, White and Red Pikmin. I am on Pinterest but never thought to look for recipies... I'll blog the recipe for the cut out GF cookies.