Wednesday, 27 February 2013

A Gluten Free bikkie recipe to share

No it isn't an ice block recipe, just had to include this playdough photo as Lochy demonstrates how super yummy it is.  Just to get you in that cooking mood!

All I do is roll it out and the kids have enjoyed cutting out thier own bikkies, so here it is:

2 ½ cups gluten free self-rising flour  ( I use the brand Ogran self-rising flour)
2 ½ tsps Xanthan Gum
1 cup white sugar
1 cup butter
1 egg
2 tsps pure vanilla
½ tsp nutmeg

Note:  Chill dough in the fridge for at least 1 hour.  This is essential for gluten-free dough.

Mix all the dry ingredients together and set that bowl aside.
Cream together the butter and sugar, preferably with a standing mixer.  Then, add the egg and vanilla.  Beat these as long as you can.  The more airy and whipped they are, the better the cookies will taste.  -that's so true

Add the dry ingredients, along with the nutmeg.
Chill in the fridge for an hour.  - its too sticky otherwise and will not roll out.

When the dough is properly chilled, roll it out to ½ inch thickness and cut with your favourite cookie cutters.  - do the usual flouring of the rolling pin so it doesn't stick, roll out on a floured surface and you might want to flour your cookie cutters as well.
Bake on a baking sheet at 180 degrees for 12 – 15 min depending on your oven.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

The sewing surprise

Moshi Moshi - hello (on the phone) in Japanese courtesy of my son
Pikmin by Wii - web site
If you remember way back to mid Feb I mentioned the purple surprise.  Well I not only finished him (it?) but made him a friend as well.  

Meet Purple and Blue Pikmin
They were waiting for their owners bright and early this morning for breakfast.  The owners of above Pikmin were understandably thrilled.  The Pikmin were treated to their very first adventure by way of a car trip to school.  Blue Pikmin had to wait until after school to play but Purple Pikmin was able to keep his young owner company while spending the day home due to a tummy bug.

Pikmin love a cuddle
Lachlan is still battling the tummy bug but he is in surprisingly good spirits.  Maybe having mum all to himself is a bit of a treat.  We did have a great time playing Monopoly Jr, Shopping, and Hamsters (Zhu Zhu pets)...

Lochy home from school yesterday.  He does love being the "banker".  Perhaps an accountant in the making.

Gavin home from school yesterday.

Monday, 25 February 2013

A stay at home Sunday...


Sunday was a stay at home day yesterday.  It was still sunny and beautiful but the boys just needed sometime to relax at home.  Lochy is not used to spending all week at school yet.

Using blocks to build a marble run, big one is Gavin's, little one is Lochy's

Having morning tea on the deck.  Lochy wrote the table number just like at a cafe.

And the old favourite, a hose in the trampoline

It was the first hot sunny weekend we've had for awhile.  Hubby mowed the lawn and did the trimming, even getting some cricket in with his work teammates yesterday afternoon.  I got some washing in and sewed a blue friend to hang out with the purple surprise (will make sense in a post later this week).  The boys had some freezies on the deck for afternoon.  LOVED how older brother helped sweet.  They really are best friends. 

Lochy had trouble getting the freezie out so big brother stepped in.

"now blow into it" said Gavin

last bit left, just squeeze it out.
 After all that sun at home watching TV in mum and dad's room is the perfect ending to a Sunday.

Wanting to stay home Sunday must have been the first clue because today they boys are home from school.  Lachlan with an upset tummy and Gavin still is battling his summer cold and scratchy throat.  So today is quiet playing and lots of resting so its back to school tomorrow.  Unless Lochy's tummy isn't better...  Fingers crossed the summer sickness is brief.  Many people are passing the bug around according to the school grapevine.  Lachlan is learning Japanese in Prep so would hate for him to miss that.  He loves it. 


Sunday, 24 February 2013


A portrait once a week every week in 2013

Lochy:  Getting the cards to play Durak
Gavin:  Relaxing on the couch
Ben and boys:  Time for relaxing on the weekend.  Chilling out watching TV.

With school now well and truly started the boys are pretty wiped out.  The weekends are now especially important to rest and recharge.

A frangipani gift from Gavin
An unexpected surprise from Gavin late yesterday afternoon as I was making dinner.  He called out to me from the backyard but I said I was in the middle of making dinner.   So he comes up from the backyard all the way to the kitchen and with a big smile hands me a frangipani because he knows they are my favourite flower.  Its smells nice he said.  Absolutely gorgeous...  Xx

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Weekend activities

I'd like to say I've been sewing up a storm and have my purple surprise to show you but I am sorry I do not.  I am also sorry to report there has been no painting done either.  Where does the time go?  Helping at school, meetings at school, driving to and from school, getting to know school mums, as well as squeezing in some time to exercise among other things has been leaving little time for being creative. 

Luckily before I committed myself to the obligations I have now I had the time to take my time in making a close friend a bag for birthday gift I thought would be just right.  It's when you feel its coming together perfectly and the colors just work I find the most pleasure in making something.  Sometimes I am not confident but this time I felt it all fell into place.  Now that she has my little creation I can post a photo of it to share with you.

It was a pleasure to make this for my dear friend.
Friday I got my first ever unsolicited compliment from my older son.  He said "Mum, I really like your earrings".  So of course I had to take a photo and share the wondrous earrings with you. 

Today being Saturday and a fantastically sunny hot day when its been raining all week we took the opportunity to enjoy the fine weather.    This morning we had a play date with a school friend in the back yard.

Nice to have some sun!
Loch and Ben played some cricket in the garage, a better bounce I believe than the grass in the backyard.

Then in the afternoon we went for a bike ride while the weather is still good. Gavin loved his new bike especially the gears! We all had a lovely ride but I think Loch was hoping it would rain a little so he could splash through the puddles again.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Weekend bike fun and always time for weekday fun too

A practice run with his new bike, we did a family ride.

A bit of a stretch but Lochy loves the bike with its gears.

While Gavin's new bike was in the shop for a tune up on the weekend the rain stopped (mostly) just long enough for Lochy to test out his new bike.  It was a bit difficult for him to get on but he loved it so much he went around the Minnippi parklands mini lake twice!  Its a perfect place for bike riders, nice and flat but an interesting ride

from web site
from web site

Still waiting on insurance repairs but Gavin has moved back into his room in a temporary sort of way.

One of my main goals this year is to get in more exercise and so far I've gone on the Wii (EA Active), some time on our rowing machine, a bike ride and I was able to squeeze in a walk today.  Its one of my favourite walks from our house to the riverside cliffs in Kangaroo Point.   I took these with my mobile phone.

It was great exercise,beautiful view and really set me up for the rest of the day!  After picking up the boys from school they had their own fun.  Gavin pretending to be a Pikmin taking down a wall..  And Lachlan playing in the bath.
He is my little stunt man.

Gavin's self portrait.  He thought it was hilarious.  Look at that toothy smile!

 Lochy playing with the bubbles in his bubble bath with his white hair and beard...santa, hohoho.
Its been a great day and its been a lot of fun sharing it with you all.  


Sunday, February 17th 2013

"A portrait(s) of my children, once a week, every week, in 2013."
Lachlan:  Showing me his rainbow icecream.  Being all grown up with a pencil behind his ear.
Gavin:  Writing and drawing in his friends birthday card.  Proudly showing me his work.

Saturday, 16 February 2013


Our first game with a closed hand.  Thats my boy! 

Lochy's sure he's got me now.

Friday, 15 February 2013

Growing up, sewing and Valentines Day

Well what a busy week its been. The boys are growing up so fast, just look at this grown up pose from Lachlan as he looks on at what older brother is doing...

So precious! We have also been playing Durak, the boys love it. For those of you who don't know it, its a russian card game I've been playing ever since I can remember!  The 3 of us played an open handed game.

 The kids have been enjoying their pretend games with their Christmas toys.
Power Rangers and Lego Hero Factory go to battle!
The old favorite wooden blocks are always a winner as well.  The long skinny pieces are Lochy's wooden art work from when he was at Kindy.  Gav loves making up new games and Loch finds them so much fun. 

I have been slowly working on this little guy you see below.  I am pretty happy with him so far, just a couple of eyes and a flower and he'll be just right.   Ah, I'll bet you are confused.  Plus I need a blue one too.  Not to worry, I'll get there and all will be reveled.  I also made something else for a certain someone else but I dont want to spoil the surprise with a premature posting so I will have to show you next week.  I am rather proud of it.
Then of course there was Valentines Day.  We had chocolate heart cup cakes (not shown) take away Thai (YUM) a gorgeous nighty from a thoughtful husband and a handmade heart.  I couldn't ask for a better day.  They boys also took in some yummy chocolate hearts to school to give to classmates and teachers.  Gav was all smiles at pick up.  Unfortuntely Lochy's were forgotten in the school fridge so we will just have to eat them up at home...a treasure hunt perhaps.
 Gav's room is still bare floors and we are still in limbo waiting to fix it up.  In the mean time the boys have been awesome sharing a room together.  Its a bit hard though sharing a room and starting school (too tempting to stay up late chatting and playing together) so we plan on taking the winter living room rug and putting it in place of the carpet and giving Gavin his own space again until its all sorted out.
Hope you all had a great week!  Look for number seven portrait on Sunday!  I am trying out bigger writing.  I hope you like it.  Cheers